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Electrolux celebrates 80 years on Stockholm Stock Exchange

To commemorate the Electrolux 80-year listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Hans Stråberg, President and CEO of Electrolux, together with Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Electrolux, and Lars Wedenborn, Chairman of NASDAQ OMX Nordic, inaugurated a historic exhibition at Nasdaq OMX headquarters in Stockholm

Trend review from Eurocucina 2010

The Milan Furniture Fair that took place in April is Europe's largest kitchen and furniture show. Thomas Johansson, Design Director within Electrolux, reveals his impressions of the most striking trends from the fair.

A dishwasher designed for the 21st century

Based on thousands of hours of consumer observation and interviews across Europe, the dishwashers offer bigger capacity, better washing results and use less water and energy, meeting today’s consumer needs.

Form & Function Sought in Equal Measure from Domestic Appliances

With a little under a week to go until the deadline for submissions (May 1st 2010) would-be Electrolux Design Lab contestants would do well to note the response to an Electrolux survey* that found equal value is placed upon the aesthetics and performance of a household product.

Electrolux at Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology

Electrolux is among the protagonists of the new interactive nutrition laboratory at Milan’s Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. As a partner of the initiative, Electrolux has made appliances for both consumers and professionals available to the Museum.

Planning a party was never so easy with Dinner Explorer

Need inspiration for a dinner or party? Try the new Electrolux tool Dinner Explorer, a website with more than 50 party ideas, complete with menus, decorations, music playlists, drinks, activities and shopping lists.

Isn’t it time for an intuitive, green oven?

Electrolux has launched the new air-o-steam Touchline oven for professional kitchens. The revolutionary oven simplifies cooking, saves money and reduces climate impact.

Support International World Water Day – Read your Dishwasher Manual

Electrolux have previously show that a dishwasher reduces water and energy consumption (when compared to manual dishwashing) and have a dedicated website that calculates how those who own a dishwasher can help save the environment and money ( Now, on International World Water Day, Electrolux announce the results of a recent study by the University of Bonn showing that those who do own a dishwasher could use them even more efficiently by reading the accompanying manual.

Electrolux Design Barometer – Designs For Life

An Electrolux survey carried out at the recent Stockholm DesignBoost event (12th February 2010) asked attendees, including designers, architects and planners what their thoughts were on the predicted rise of urbanisation.

Compete in Electrolux Design Lab 2010

The Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition is under way. Global undergraduate and graduate industrial design students are invited to create home appliances that consider shrinking domestic spaces. The deadline: 1 May, 2010

Electrolux earns four prestigious Good Design Award 2009

Four Electrolux products have been awarded the prestigious 2009 Good Design Award. The award is granted to designers and manufacturers around the world for setting the highest standards for the best, most advanced product designs, branding and graphics.

Electrolux Presents ‘Heart of the Home’ Kitchen Concept

The Electrolux 'Heart of the Home' is an integrated, personalised concept that renders the bulk of one's cooking utensils obsolete. Say goodbye to pots and pans and give a big warm welcome to digital recipes and emorphous surfaces thatdevelop social relationships and enhance our enjoyment of food.

Electrolux Launch Kitchen Concept at Designboost

Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Design at Electrolux will present an exciting new kitchen concept tomorrow (12.Feb.2010) at the DesignBoost forum in Sweden. Henrik Otto will also be joined in a “Space for Life” seminar by Ineke Hans, Karim Rashid, James Irvine and Ross Lovegrove (amongst others) to discuss the role of design in realising the potential benefits of increasing global urbanisation.

Electrolux tests system that reduces risk of overloads in the power grid due to cold temperatures

This winter’s cold temperatures in Northern Europe has caused risk for energy shortage. Authorities urges households to use their washing machine and other appliances during nights in order to mitigate power peaks. A smart grid project co-initiated by Electrolux could reduce this risk. In the project, households are testing a system for smart appliances that automatically detect and avoid consumption during peak periods of the day.

"Best in class"-blender is a savior when juice prices increase

Freezing temperatures in Florida have driven up prices for orange juice. Making your own juice can turn out to be a good alternative. In Brazil, famous for its fruit drinks, the juice preparation of an Electrolux blender has recently been awarded.

UltraOne wins iF product design award 2010

The UltraOne vacuum cleaner has received a prestigious iF product design award. Since the launch, the vac has received “Best in test” in consumer reviews in at least five countries.

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