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Electrolux and designer duo Rave Review inspire people to keep their clothes longer

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already have, but on average clothes are worn only ten times and thrown away long before they need to be [1]. That is why Swedish home appliance brand Electrolux wants to inspire consumers to break the pattern and take better care of their clothes. To demonstrate that used clothes still have value, Electrolux collaborated with Swedish fashion designer duo, Rave Review, to create a unique collection made from discarded clothing from the world’s second largest garment graveyard – The Atacama Desert.

Electrolux GRO – a future kitchen concept designed to help people eat more sustainably

Electrolux introduces GRO*, a future concept aimed at reinventing the kitchen and enabling people to enjoy food in a way that’s sustainable for health and the planet. Through a collection of modular solutions powered by advanced sensors and AI, based on behavioral science and the planetary health diet from the EAT-Lancet report**, Electrolux has created a vision of a better tomorrow.

Electrolux introduces new Product Recyclability Tool

Electrolux unveils a new Product Recyclability Tool to support its ambitious circularity goals.   The prototype tool, unveiled today at the Circular Initiative event in Stockholm, Sweden builds on...

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