The AGM in 2021 elected Deloitte AB as the Group’s external auditors for a period up until the AGM in 2022. Authorized Public Accountant Jan Berntsson is the auditor in charge of Electrolux.

Deloitte provides an audit opinion regarding AB Electrolux, the financial statements of the majority of its subsidiaries, the consolidated financial statements for the Electrolux Group and the administration of AB Electrolux. The auditors also conduct a review of the report for the second quarter.

The audit is conducted in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden. Audits of local statutory financial statements for legal entities outside of Sweden are performed as required by law or applicable regulations in the respective countries and as required by IFAC GAAS, including issuance of audit opinions for the various legal entities.

For additional information on the Group’s auditors, see Note 28 in the Annual Report.

Jan Berntsson
Jan Berntsson
Deloitte AB

Born 1964. Authorized Public Accountant. Partner in Charge

Other assignments: Boliden AB and Electrolux Professional AB.

Holdings in AB Electrolux: 0 shares

At the Annual General Meeting in 2021, Deloitte AB were elected as auditors until the Annual General Meeting in 2022.

Tender process for the external audit

Electrolux will conduct a tender process ahead of the appointment of the Group’s external auditor at the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

For further information about the tender process and to receive the tender documents, please contact Katharina Fischer at