Solid balance sheet

  • A solid balance sheet helps us to execute our profitable growth driven strategy through:
    • Organic growth investments:
      • Capex to drive product and service innovation.
      • Capex for digitalization and automation to improve competitiveness.
    • Selective acquisition strategy:
      • Bolt-on acquisitions.
      • Strengthen growth in emerging markets and aftermarket.
      • Contribute to increasing consumer interaction and business model transformation.
  • Solid financial position
    • Investment-grade rating from S&P Global Ratings of A- with negative outlook. (Dec 2022)
    • For information on unused credit facilities, see latest interim report under Financial position.
    • For latest net debt information, see Net debt at
  • Sustainable financing
    • Green bonds outstanding of SEK 6bn. (Feb 2023)
    • Sustainability-linked revolving credit facility contracted in 2021.
    • USD 282m loan with European Investment Bank.
    • Focusing on industrial and R&D projects, which have significant potential to enable Electrolux to reduce its climate impact.
  • High return on net assets fueled by capital turnover
    • Focusing on growth with sustained profitability and a small, efficient capital base enables Electrolux to achieve a high long-term return on capital.
    • Strong track record on reducing working capital over the last ten-year period. The objective is to maintain working capital at healthy levels going forward.

Long-term borrowings, by maturity

As per December 31, 2022.


Return on net assets

Shareholder-friendly capital allocation

  • The Group’s goal is for the dividend to correspond to approximately 50% of the annual income.
  • The Board’s objective is to maintain a solid investment grade rating, as defined by leading rating institutes, meaning that over time the Group’s net debt should not exceed two (2) times EBITDA.
  • In July 2021, the Board decided to distribute a larger part of the value created to the shareholders after a review of the Group’s capital structure. Read more on
  • Electrolux has a long history of successful spin-offs, e.g. Autoliv, Husqvarna, and Electrolux Professional, by distributing the shares to Electrolux shareholders and listing them on the stock exchange.

Distribution to shareholders

Distribution to shareholders paid in the year.
Note: In 2021 and 2022 Electrolux repurchased own shares of series B for the total amount of SEK 894m and SEK 2,138m, respectively. For fiscal year 2022 the Board proposes no dividend to be paid.