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Electrolux Sustainability Report 2022

Electrolux is an industry leader in sustainability. The Group has bold 2030 sustainability Goals and aims to achieve climate neutrality in operations in 2030 and throughout the value chain by 2050.

Electrolux Sustainability Report 2021

Electrolux is an industry leader in sustainability. The Group has bold 2030 sustainability Goals and aims to achieve climate neutrality in operations in 2030 and throughout the value chain by 2050.

Electrolux Sustainability Report 2020

Electrolux, a sustainability leader in the appliance industry, reports a 70% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions from operations since 2015 and an innovative climate reduction element to its...

Electrolux Sustainability Report 2019

Electrolux, a sustainability leader in the appliance industry, reports a 75% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions from operations since 2005.

Electrolux Sustainability Results 2014

Sustainability leadership is crucial to realizing Electrolux strategy. The objective is to develop smarter, more accessible, resource-efficient solutions that meet people needs and improve their lives.

Electrolux Sustainability Matters 2011

Electrolux is stepping up integration of sustainability into the core business strategy and organization. This performance review highlights how the company measured up in 2011.

Electrolux Sustainability Matters 2010

Through streamlining operations, efficient and smart products and active participation in the global community, Electrolux is integrating sustainability more deeply into its business. This...

Sustainability matters 2009

Now more than ever, our business success is interconnected with innovating energy-savvy, resource-efficient appliances. Our performance this year demonstrates that by helping shape a more sustainable market, Electrolux can make a positive contribution and generate benefits to the bottom line.

Sustainability matters 2008

With a sustainable business approach, Electrolux aims to increase trust among consumers, employees, investors and regulators. The Group’s environmental and social performance and energy-efficient products help build strong relationships with retailers.

Sustainability report 2007

In 2007, Electrolux launched a group-wide platform to showcase products that outperform in energy and water efficiency, enabling consumers to lead more climate-smart lives.

Sustainability report 2006

This report presents the social, environmental and economic performance of Electrolux from the perspective of four key issues that are most material to our company. A fifth section, Brazil, is a case study of how Electrolux approach to sustainability is implemented in an emerging economy that is also a key strategic market for the Group.

Electrolux Sustainability Report 2005

In 2005, we redefined Electrolux as the Thoughtful Design Innovator. This made perfect sense not only in how we design our products, but also in how we view our role in the world. “Thinking of you” is not just a catchy slogan. It’s about considering our impact on the environment and on society.

Electrolux Sustainability Report 2004

A clear business strategy is an invaluable instrument to ensure long-term progress. For Electrolux, a part of that strategy is our commitment to sustainability. This means that we strive to grow our company in a way that takes into account the environmental and social impacts of all our activities.

Electrolux Environmental Report 2003

For Electrolux, sustainability means embracing our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen, continually working to reduce energy consumption from our products and emissions from our factories, ensuring that our employees and business partners are treated fairly in all dealings, and striving to be a good neighbor in every community in which we operate.

Electrolux Environmental Report 2001

This year we have updated the environmental policy. The long-term commitment remains the same, but we have now finalized the integration of responsibility into the business sectors.

Electrolux Environmental Report 2000

At the turn of the millennium, the Electrolux Group took the step from annually published, printed Environmental Reports to maintain a comprehensive environmental information on the Internet, including a year-specific Year-end result section. Simultaneously, we extend the information included in the Group Annual Report to contain production-related measurements.

Electrolux Environmental Report 1999

Five years after the establishment of Electrolux Group Environmental Affairs and the issue of the first Environmental Report, we can look back on an exciting and rewarding period of challenges, hard work and accomplishments. Some of the most fascinating developments during these past years have taken place within information technology. New IT-solutions have opened up new business opportunities for Electrolux, both for increased resource efficiency and better communications.

Electrolux Environmental Report 1998

Resource-efficient appliances are about saving money for the customer, and our environmental work is to a large extent about helping the customer see savings potentials. To continue to build and maintain a trust in us as a conscientious and reliable supplier and business partner is the core of our continuous environmental work.

Electrolux Environmental Report 1997

We need to create more from less. In order to do this, we are working to make production more efficient, reduce the use of energy and water and recycle used material. This means that our environmental work is an integral part of the ongoing restructuring.

Electrolux Environmental Report 1996

The Electrolux strategy of environmental leadership has proven to be successful— not only in our traditional markets of Europe and North America, but also in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa...

Electrolux Environmental Report 1995

To pioneer development means influencing it. Our environmental activities are directed at anticipating legislation pending in several areas. As market leader, we want to carry out strategic priorities and product development that hasten market demand for environmental orientation. Those products at the forefront of environmental suitability will largely constitute our basic assortment within five years.
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