Electrolux Group has been committed to shaping living for the better for over 100 years and is on a journey to become a truly sustainable company. The Group strives to create better and more sustainable living for people around the world through its sustainability framework — For the Better 2030. In 2023, the global non­profit CDP awarded Electrolux Group an A score for its work on climate action and A­ for water, and included the company on the CDP 2023 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard. The Group was also recognized in the Household Durables category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Key Results 2023

Better Company

  • 60 %
    of energy used in operations came from renewable sources.
  • 3 million
    meals donation target achieved seven years early.
  • 98 %
    of top suppliers responded to the CDP Supply Chain Program.

Better Solutions

  • 29/38
    The Group’s most energy and water-efficient products accounted for 29% of total units sold and 38% of gross profit.
  • up to 49 %
    recycled plastic in the Group’s latest range of stick vacuum cleaners.1
  • 97 %
    of products with refrigerants have switched to low global warming gases.2

Better Living

  • 28 %
    food waste reduction can be achieved with new built-in refrigerator.3
  • -30 %
    ColourCare washing machines use up to 30% less energy4 and improve the use of detergent even in cold water.
  • 6
    products for wellbeing at home won Red Dot and IF Design awards.


1) For the parts made of plastic. Not including accessories and depending on color and nozzles.
2) The 97% figure is based on the time of signing the Cool Coalition commitment in 2019.
3) Compared to the 500 ColdSense refrigerator and based on external tests on duration of the edibility of soft cheese and cooked ham stored on shelves. Results may vary depending on type of foods. Estimated potential food waste reduction based on appliance performance only and not considering user behavior.
4) Internal calculation of energy use compared to the minimum threshold to achieve the highest energy rating.

Emission reductions by 2023

  • 33 %
    reduction in emissions from operations (scope 1 and 2) compared to 2021
  • 28 %
    reduction in emissions from products (scope 3 / use of sold products) compared to 2021

For the Better 2030

The For the Better 2030 sustainability framework defines how Electrolux Group works to achieve Better Company, Better Solutions and Better Living with Goals for 2030. It includes the Group’s most important sustainability issues and helps it to strive towards the purpose to Shape living for the better.

Sustainability awards