Electrolux Group has been committed to shaping living for the better for over 100 years and we’re on a journey to become a truly sustainable company. We strive to create better and more sustainable living for people around the world through our sustainability framework – For the Better 2030. In 2022, Electrolux Group was recognized as an industry leader in the Household Durables category in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and received a score of A- for Climate and Water from CDP.

For the Better 2030

Our sustainability framework – For the Better – defines how Electrolux works to achieve Better Company, Better Solutions and Better Living with Goals for 2030. It includes our most important sustainability issues and helps us strive towards our purpose to Shape living for the better.

Key Results 2022

One of the first companies in the world to meet its science-based target

  • 82 %
    reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions compared to 2015
    80% reduction by 2025
    80% reduction by 2025
    Our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions are produced directly (scope 1) by Electrolux Group, e.g. through the combustion of fuels, and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scope 2) are generated through the consumption of purchased energy.
  • > 25 %
    reduction scope 3 emissions compared to 2015
    25% reduction by 2025
    25% reduction by 2025
    Our scope 3 emissions are all other indirect greenhouse gas emissions due to the activities of Electrolux Group, but that are produced and controlled by a different emitter, e.g. greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of Electrolux products.

Better Company

  • 98 %
    of electricity used in global operations from renewable sources.
  • 124000
    people engaged with on sustainable eating since 2016.
  • 35 %
    of annual ocean cargo transported using more sustainable fuels.

Better Solutions

  • 24/39 %
    Our most energy and water efficient products accounted for 24% of total units sold and 39% of gross profit.
  • 70 %
    recycled plastic in the inner liners of our new built-in refrigerators.
  • 4000
    components tested for chemical compliance.

Better Living

  • Fridge with Cooling 360
    and ColdSense make ingredients last longer and help reduce food waste.
  • Awareness campaign
    on “throw-away fashion” and better laundry habits.
  • First vac without paint
    to reduce chemical use, energy and material impact.

Sustainability awards