We work continuously to be a resource efficient safe and ethical company – both in our own operations and throughout our value chain.

Be climate neutral and drive clean and resource-efficient operations

We are reducing our own footprint by running efficient operations all around the world.

Our Goal

Electrolux will continue to reduce its environmental footprint by shifting to renewables, and optimizing the use of energy and other resources throughout its operations. We aim to have climate neutral operations by 2030.

2022 highlights

  • Almost 10% reduction of carbon emissions for scope 1 and 2 (2015 baseline), surpassing our 2025 science-based climate target.
  • 55% of Electrolux plants were certified according to our Zero Waste to Landfill program by the end of 2022.
  • Sourced 98% of our electricity came from renewable sources.

Roadmap to 2030

  • Reduce our CO2 footprint by 85% by 2025 (2015 baseline) and achieve climate neutral operations by 2030.
  • Improve energy efficiency at our manufacturing sites and warehouses by an additional 12.5% by 2025 (2020 baseline).
  • Improve water efficiency at our manufacturing sites by 25% by 2025 (2020 baseline) in potential water risk areas, until the site has reached optimal levels of efficiency.
  • Increase the proportion of renewable energy for our operations to 65% by 2025.
  • Certify all plants to the Zero Waste to Landfill program by 2025.

The case for action

We aim to run resource-efficient operations and phase out fossil fuels as an integral part of our work by applying industry-leading practices. This reflects our values and what we stand for as a company – being part of the solution is important for both our employees and consumers.

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Act ethically, lead in diversity and respect human rights

We continue to build an ethical, diverse and trusted company, where everyone impacted by our operations can feel confident that their rights are respected.

Our Goal

We will earn the trust of everyone impacted by our operations, demonstrating our commitment to ethics, diversity and inclusion, and human rights through our words and actions. This includes working to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and promoting societal benefit through community investment activities.

2022 highlights

  • Launched program for annual workplace Policy factory audits.
  • Updated the Group salient human rights issues.
  • Introduced global D&I objectives and hired a dedicated Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager.
  • 124,000 people have taken part in Electrolux Food Foundation activities aimed at inspiring kids, consumers and professionals on sustainable cooking and eating since 2016.

Roadmap 2020 to 2030

  • Continue to build a Group-wide approach to human rights and ensure the strong management of human rights issues.
  • Drive a company culture based on ethics, integrity and respect by providing leadership that demonstrates and nurtures inclusion and equal treatment, and accountability. This will foster an environment where people feel safe to speak up and contribute meaningfully to the business.
  • Take proactive measures to ensure that various elements of the global anti-corruption compliance program are effective in practice.
  • Ensure a pathway to industry leadership in diversity and inclusion by developing and implementing a global roadmap.
  • Electrolux will be the leader on health and safety in the appliance industry, wherever we operate in the world.
  • Continue to invest in the communities in which we operate around the world.

The case for action

A strong culture of ethics is vital for stakeholder trust and long-term business success. Consumers are increasingly making purchasing choices based on whether a company is perceived as being trustworthy and how it contributes to society.

Additionally, employees prefer to work for a company with values that match their own.

The wellbeing and safety of our colleagues are extremely important. We have a duty of care toward every individual working for Electrolux, and businesses are increasingly perceived to have some responsibility for people in the broader value chain. We take this seriously and work to promote human rights throughout our value chain. Our commitment applies wherever Electrolux operates in the world and goes beyond local regulations.

It is well known that diversity and inclusion (D&I) can promote innovation and attract new talent and that more diverse companies outperform organizations that do not invest in this area.

The business case for establishing a truly diverse and inclusive workplace is well known. Consequently, to ensure we continuously shape living for the better today and tomorrow, we build diverse teams and take decisions based on the different perspectives around the table.

Feeding the world’s growing population sustainably is one of the greatest challenges of our time. About 17% of all food produced is lost or wasted1), near 750 million people face severe food insecurity2) while more than 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight3). Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 19754). Some 24% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture5). Additionally, millions of people across the world are suffering from unemployment or struggling to put food on the table.


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Drive supply chain sustainability

Our products are to be made in the same way throughout our global supply chain – with respect for the people who made them and care for the environment.

Our Goal

Electrolux will take its sustainability leadership agenda into the supply chain. We will work with suppliers so they can live up to our high expectations, no matter where they are located, and we will drive and support the transition to more sustainable practices.

2022 highlights

  • Sustainability performance integrated into purchasing and sourcing decisions.
  • Updated Group salient human rights issues in the supply chain.
  • Supplier Workplace Standard performance improved across categories.
  • Continued the CDP supplier program in our supply chain.
  • 35% of annual ocean cargo transported using more sustainable fuels.

Roadmap 2020 to 2030

  • Secure compliance to Electrolux principles among our direct suppliers of components, finished goods, licensed products and services. Engage in high-priority geographies and topics further up the supply chain.
  • Ensure transparency in mineral and material supply chains from high-risk areas, working toward a conflict free supply chain by 2025.
  • Drive the environmental performance of all strategic suppliers on key metrics, aiming to help them to be climate neutral by 2030 – toward a carbon neutral supply chain by 2050.
  • Build partnerships with suppliers of all categories to contribute toward the Electrolux sustainability priorities.
  • Halve our transport emissions by 2025 and make our logistics climate neutral by 2030.

The case for action

Our industry is dependent on complex supply chains and our overall sustainability impact often depends on decisions made in our supply chain. As a sustainability leader, we have an obligation to take ownership and see our suppliers as an extension of ourselves.

This means that we expect suppliers to support our sustainability agenda by actively working to improve their own performance. This promotes progress, not only in our own supply chains, but for supply chains around the world.

Logistics is also a key area in our supply chain as Electrolux emits more CO2 in distributing its goods than is emitted through the energy consumed in Group operations. Around 300,000 metric tons are annually emitted through the global transportation of our goods via sea, air and land.

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Better solutions

Meeting the growing global market for household appliances without increasing environmental impact requires us to continuously optimize product performance, business models and the use of resources.

Better living

We aim to shape better and more sustainable living around the world by promoting better eating, better garment care and better home environment together with consumers and our partners.