Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

In 2023, the Group had sales of 15 billion SEK in the region, equivalent to 11 % of total Group sales. Main brands are Electrolux, Westinghouse (Australia) and AEG. The Group had approx. 7,700 employees in the region.

Sales include all the Group’s product categories mainly through electrical and kitchen retailers and direct to consumers.

The five largest countries by sales are Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam and Thailand. The region’s headquarters is in Bangkok, Thailand.

The sales operation is organized in two commercial areas: Australia & New Zealand and Emerging Markets. Production units are located in Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, Australia and China.

Since January 2024, Europe and Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa are organized in one business area.

Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, key figures
SEKm 2023 2022
Net sales 15 109 16 984
Organic growth, % -8,4 -0,5
Operating income 460 1 308
Operating margin, % 3 7,7
Operating margin excl. non-recurring items, % 5,2 8,1
Net assets 5 471 6 370
Return on net assets, % 7,2 21,9
Capital expenditure 651 850
Average number of employees 7 704 8 040

Market characteristics & Electrolux Group position

  • In Australia and New Zealand, market penetration is high and demand is primarily driven by design and innovations as well as water and energy efficiency requirements.
  • The Group has a leading market position in Australia and New Zealand, especially in cooking.
  • The market in Southeast Asia is characterized by dynamic changes with emerging economies, rapid urbanization and expanding middle class.
  • The Group holds strong market positions in targeted segments in Southeast Asia, especially in frontload washers and dryers.