Recycling of Products

(This position paper refers to household products)

Recycling is central in a resource-constrained world. Electrolux Group actively supports the recycling of appliances to make sure useful materials are recovered and any problematic substances are properly taken care of.

We also strive to continuously increase the amount of recycled material for the production of new products. In our Restricted Materials List, we have listed the harmful substances that must not be used in our production or by our suppliers. Preventing these substances entering the product cycle also facilitates recycling at end-of-life.

Electrolux Group Product Recycling principles

Discarded household appliances should be properly recycled, in compliance with rules and regulations designed to protect human health and the environment, to ensure that useful materials are recycled and made available for the production of new products.

  1. In order to achieve effective recycling, existing standards should be followed on how to best perform the recycling process, including storage and logistics. Where these standards do not exist, standards should be established through a common standardization body together with relevant stakeholders including the white goods industry.
  2. As a global manufacturer, Electrolux Group will actively participate with other stakeholders to ensure that effective solutions are in place for the end-of-life management of household appliances.
  3. Electrolux Group takes a “system-neutral” stance when it comes to alternative end-of-life-management solutions. The stakeholders in each market should jointly determine the best solution. Independent of system, the ultimate objective must always be the complete recycling of products and materials. Continuous monitoring and open performance reporting must be required for all recycling systems.
  4. When developing recycling solutions, primary consideration should be given to market systems which are driven by the value of recovered materials.
  5. Electrolux Group supports producer responsibility where stakeholders work together to set up joint-collection systems, if market solutions are not workable or lead to lower recycling rates than are acceptable. Such a producer responsibility must always be a complete and individual responsibility, where producers are fully responsible for the financing, and are mandated to fully manage the recycling systems in order to maximize efficiency.
  6. Electrolux Group strives to take a material efficiency approach when it comes to our products. This includes:
  • Increasing the use of recycled materials in our products
  • Securing the set-up of take-back systems of discarded products to properly handle products according to all applicable laws and regulations
  • Securing the recovery of hazardous materials according to applicable laws and regulations, and striving to be ahead of legislation through the Group Restricted Material List
  • Designing products so they can be repaired
  • Aiming for long product durability, while considering affordability
  • When applicable, developing products for software upgrades during use

This position statement has been approved the Electrolux Group Management, Dec. 14, 2016