Report a concern

Electrolux Group is firmly committed to acting ethically and respecting human rights. This is vital to our success as a company. Such a commitment requires taking responsibility for how we treat each other, our consumers, and all stakeholders.

We promote open and sincere communication. Employees and stakeholders are encouraged to report suspected violations of the Electrolux Code of Conduct and laws so that the company finds out about the situations and incidents in time to remedy situations and mitigate risks for the company, the employees and (the value chain).

If you are aware of circumstances or actions that you suspect violate the Electrolux Code of Conduct, company policies or the law, you can report a violation to the Electrolux Group Speakup Line. We take the reports very seriously and we don’t accept any retaliation against individuals who, in good faith, raise questions or report concerns.

Please note that the Speakup Line is not:

  • Intended for issues related to products or services
  • An emergency service; concerns about an immediate threat of physical harm or damage to property should be reported to local emergency services

You can report a concern in your own language 24/7 in three ways:

Online: via the webpage

Phone: Dial the number for your country and record your concern

App: Download the SpeakUp app from Google Play or App Store

See detailed instructions and frequently asked questions (FAQs) section for more information.