Markets - Latin America

Markets – Latin America

Brazil represents around 50% of the total Latin American market for appliances. Other major markets include Mexico and Argentina. Latin America is a highly urbanized region for an emerging market.

Growth is driven by the rising purchasing power of households, with demand concentrated on basic cookers, refrigerators and washing machines. Demand for products in the upper price segments is also increasing among the rapidly emerging middle class in Brazil and Argentina, for example.

The Latin American market is relatively consolidated. In Brazil, the two largest manufacturers, Electrolux and Whirlpool account for about 70% of appliance sale.

In Latin America the Electrolux brand holds a strong position in all segments in Brazil thanks to innovative products and close cooperation with the market-leading retail chains. With the acquisition of the Chilean appliance manufacturer CTI in 2013, Electrolux has become the largest appliance manufacturer in Chile and the largest manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers in Argentina.

In the vacuum-cleaner segment, Electrolux has long held a leading position in the region. The Group has also established a significant business in the small domestic appliances category. Sales of professional food-service and laundry products remain modest but continue to grow.

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Western Europe is the Group’s largest market for consumer durables and professional products.

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North America is a market with high penetration in most product categories. The average living space of households is above that of other regions, which means space is available for both many and large...

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Electrolux is focusing on launching products adapted to the differing conditions of households in the region.

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The acquisition of the Egyptian Olympic Group in 2011 has given Electrolux a leading position in the appliance markets of North Africa and the Middle East.

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In this region, Electrolux sales focus on appliances and vacuum cleaners in the premium segment under the Electrolux brand.

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