To create enjoyable eating experiences has always been the driving force behind our innovations in the kitchen. Throughout our history, we’ve drawn from our unique professional heritage to make it happen. The groundbreaking Assistent food processor and combi-steam ovens are just a couple of examples.

Eva Göthberg was Head of the Electrolux Test Kitchen

Eva Göthberg: The unsung heroine of Electrolux and Swedish society

Back in the 1950s billboards appeared across Sweden with the tagline “Eva Göthberg says…”, so influential on society was the future Head of the Electrolux Test Kitchen, Eva Göthberg. A single mother in a senior management position, she was an unusual character for her time.

Colorful, co-ordinated and comfortable: a new kind of kitchen for the post-war world

In the 1950s consumers began to pay fresh attention to their kitchens. No longer a room that was off limits, it was now a space to enjoy and socialize with family and dinner guests while the food was being prepared.