Shape living for the better – The first 100 years of Electrolux

‘Shape living for the better: The first 100 years of Electrolux,’ portrays the life of Electrolux founder Axel Wenner-Gren and the story of Electrolux that for a whole century has provided millions of homes around the world with new innovations and smart design that shaped living for the better for consumers.

The Electrolux story is rich with groundbreaking innovations, as well as bold entrepreneurs with cutting-edge sales methods and great visions. It’s a history of fearless expansion and acquisitions, fast globalization and restructuring, as well as of consumer insight and world-class design. It’s brought to life in the book by former business journalist and historian Ronald Fagerfjäll who gathered information from the extensive Electrolux archive at the Swedish Center for Business History.

You can download the book here

The book is available for download in pdf and epub-formats. The print version can be ordered on major online book stores.

Both English and Swedish language versions of the audiobook are available online from the links below (the site is in Swedish, but you can pay by credit card and download the file also from outside Sweden)