People policy

In 2018, we launched a new People Policy with the purpose to provide employees with an overview of the Electrolux commitment to them and to outline the expectations of individual behavior towards the company and fellow employees. It covers areas such as equal opportunities, harassment, wellbeing, compensation, and data protection.

As of 2010, Electrolux has an International Framework Agreement (IFA)] in place, signed together with the Swedish trade unions IF Metall, Unionen and the federation formerly known as the International Metalworkers Union (now IndustriAll). Through this agreement, Electrolux and the unions underline the Group’s commitment to maintain the same standards in all the countries where it operates, as specified by core ILO conventions.

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Our suppliers must use socially sound practices. This includes avoiding purchasing minerals that could fund military conflicts or be linked to human rights abuses.

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June 17 marks World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. As part of its Sustainability strategy, Electrolux is reducing water consumption in its operations, products and supporting humanitarian projects in Africa.

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The Electrolux Food Foundation – together with partners AIESEC and Worldchefs - is extending the successful zero-waste culinary training program for unemployed people to a second location in Brazil. Plans are also in place...

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