About our code and policies

The Electrolux Code of Conduct and related Group Policies and Directives are a fundamental part of the Group’s strategy, and the basis for how we drive sustainability within the company.

We have the firm commitment to always act ethically, respect human rights and comply with rules and regulations applicable to us. The Code of Conduct is an introduction to our most important policies and principles, guiding the Electrolux way of doing business. Our Policies for People, Workplace, Anti-Corruption, Environment and Tax fall under the umbrella of the Code of Conduct, being more operational in nature. They are all based on fundamental international treaties such as the International Bill of Human Rights, the conventions of the International Labour Organization and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Ownership and monitoring

The Electrolux group-wide policies convey strong and coherent messages to our employees across the Group on how we conduct business. All Group Policies are approved by Group Management and are mandatory, monitored and enforced. Each policy has a policy owner and a policy holder responsible for communicating the policy and monitoring its implementation. A variety of channels such as the Group’s intranet, e-learnings and face-to-face trainings are used to inform and educate our employees on those policies relevant in their everyday jobs.

Monitoring procedures include audits of our own operations as well as those of our suppliers, and self-assessments.

Electrolux code and policies

Electrolux has a long tradition of providing safe and healthy working conditions, caring for the environment as well as our own employees and people around us.

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The Electrolux Code of Ethics outlines both prescriptive and proscriptive ethical standards that require strict adherence from all employees and Board members of the Electrolux Group, in all markets and at all times.

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The Electrolux Environmental Policy outlines how to improve environmental performance in production and product use as well as how to design products for disposal.

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The Electrolux Group Tax Policy regulates the procedures for all tax matters within the Electrolux Group. It enables management and control over the Group’s tax situation with the intention to set out the general...

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All Electrolux activities must be conducted with respect and consideration for human rights, health and safety as well as for the environment, as outlined in the Electrolux Workplace Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy....

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