Remuneration to Group Management

Remuneration guidelines for Group Management are resolved upon by the AGM, based on the proposal from the Board. Remuneration to the President is then resolved upon by the Board, based on proposals from the Remuneration Committee.

Changes in the remuneration to other members of Group Management is resolved upon by the Remuneration Committee, based on proposals from the President, and reported to the Board.

Electrolux shall strive to offer total remuneration that is fair and competitive in relation to the country of employment or region of each Group Management member. The remuneration terms shall emphasize “pay for performance”, and vary with the performance of the individual and the Group.

Remuneration may comprise of:

  • Fixed compensation.
  • Variable compensation.
  • Other benefits such as pension and insurance.

Following the ”pay for performance ”principle, variable compensation shall represent a significant portion of the total compensation opportunity for Group Management.

Variable compensation shall always be measured against pre-defined targets and have a maximum above which no pay-out shall be made. The targets shall principally relate to financial performance.
Each year, the Board of Directors will evaluate whether or not a long-term incentive program shall be proposed to the AGM.