Electrolux Group's Sustainability framework

As a global leader in household appliances, Electrolux Group has a great opportunity to help create more sustainable and enjoyable living for more people around the world.

The Group’s long­-term ambition is to ensure that its entire value chain is net zero by 2050.

Electrolux Group continuously works to be a Better Company, with safe and resource-efficient operations, reducing its own footprint, as well as among suppliers, while working toward a diverse and inclusive workforce built on a strong ethical foundation.

The Group strives to create Better Solutions — products and services that enable consumers to save energy, water and resources every day while helping to foster a more circular economy.

Across the world, Electrolux Group strives for Better Living by inspiring and empowering people to make choices that will help them live more sustainably.

The Group is aware of the challenges but strongly believes that by working together with consumers and other key stakeholders, it will continue to make a positive difference.

Better company

Electrolux Group works continuously to achieve resource-efficient operations while driving a safe, diverse and ethical company – both in its operations and throughout the value chain.

Better solutions

Meeting the growing global market for household appliances without increasing environmental impact requires us to continuously optimize product performance, business models and the use of resources.

Better living

The Group aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world by promoting better eating, better garment care and better home environments together with consumers and partners.