Showcasing our most energy-efficient products

The Electrolux and AEG EcoLine selection of appliances created in 2023 showcases the Group’s most energy-efficient products for European consumers.

In the jungle of white boxes, it’s not easy for consumers to make an informed decision about household appliances. As approximately 85% of the climate impact of an appliance is generated when it’s in use, information about energy efficiency is key for consumers.

Electrolux Group uses the Youreko third-party ranking system, among other parameters, to quantify the energy performance of its products by rating them as gold, silver, bronze or no label. Only products that are rated as gold or silver are included in Electrolux and AEG EcoLine.

“The selection criteria are based on the product’s lifecycle assessment (LCA) environmental impact with a focus on energy during the use phase. Only products with the best energy performance are selected,” explains Sarah Schaefer VP Sustainability — BA Europe. “We wanted to make it easier for the consumer to identify our most energy-efficient products and bring them to life across their purchase journey, online or in-store.”

Driving sales and product development

“In 2023, around 10% of our products sold were part of our Electrolux and AEG EcoLine selection,” says Schaefer. “We plan to continuously launch more Electrolux and AEG EcoLine products but also keep raising the bar by making the criteria more ambitious to ensure a competitive and credible offering.”

Electrolux and AEG EcoLine is part of the Group’s continuous work to become a more sustainable company. There’s a commercial element to this too as AEG and Electrolux EcoLine products are selected from the Group’s most profitable categories, which ensures a commercial focus and drives profitable growth. The selection is also greatly appreciated by retailers as it helps bring sustainability to the retail floor in a more tangible and consumer-focused way.

Going forward, the Group is looking into the potential to expand this work beyond Europe.

“This is ultimately a way for us to encourage consumers to consider a product’s resource efficiency in their purchasing decisions,” concludes Schaefer. “It also helps consumers to get the most out of their product as our Electrolux and AEG EcoLine products include various features that can help them to reduce environmental impact in their home. This supports our mission to drive consumer behavioral change, which differentiates us from our competitors.”

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