How our app simplifies daily life in the home

Whether it’s robot vacuum cleaners, ovens, washing machines, air purifiers or dishwashers, these appliances can be connected and automated in just one app. Available in over 30 languages for each of Electrolux Group’s three main brands (Electrolux, AEG and Frigidaire), in this article we explore some of the app features that help simplify daily life in the home.

Feature highlights:

Robot vacuum: Through the app, a consumer can choose the room and specific areas within that room where the robot should vacuum. They can even label different zones within a room and set up restricted areas. To instruct the robot, the app can be used to specify which room it should start with or which areas it should focus on during the vacuuming process.

Air purifier: Users get instant status updates about air quality in the room as well as tips and notifications to ensure the purifier is performing at its best.

Washing machine: Using the app, consumers can access over 25 programs for the washing machine! Whatever the specific requirements are, there’s a program tailored to meet them. For instance, if a pet that sheds a lot of hair, no worries — simply select the Pet program.

Additionally, the Autodose feature encourages consumers to use less detergent. It ensures that the washing machine dispenses just the right amount of detergent — neither too little nor too much. By analyzing the volume of the load, the washing machine dispenses an optimal quantity of detergent, benefiting the wallet and the environment.

Oven: Keeping an eye on food has never been easier than with a camera placed in the handle of the oven. Even those without this feature are kept updated throughout the cooking journey on what is happening in their appliance. A push notification informs the consumer when their dish is almost done.

Assisted Cooking helps consumers select the best oven function and settings based on what they are cooking. Now they can browse the options on the app and direct the oven to start cooking. More features are planned to elevate the digital experience and help our consumers to develop their cooking skills.

Voice: The app also recently introduced new Alexa and Google features, that provide voice (and third-party app capabilities) across all appliances, brands and geographies.

Highly regarded by consumers

With almost 400,000 monthly users, our app is one of the most highly regarded on the market, with a score of 4.3 on average.

Developers at Electrolux Group closely collaborate with consumers to truly understand their individual needs and ensure that the experience is truly user-friendly and, most importantly, makes life even more effortless.

“We always keep an eye on our reviews and reply to consumers who give us either positive feedback or share their thoughts on improvements,” says Andreas Larsson, Engineering Director, Connected Experience. Larsson highlights that our consumers enjoy the app for three reasons: it is easy to use and navigate; it has a modern design and look; and it is constantly updated.