Planning a party was never so easy with Dinner Explorer

Do you need some inspiration for planning your next dinner party? A new version of the Electrolux Dinner Explorer offers 52 different party themes each with different recipes, music, décor ideas, shopping lists — and more!

Some say you never need an excuse to throw a party.

But for those who do need an excuse, there’s Dinner Explorer from Electrolux!

Dinner Explorer helps you celebrate quirky holidays, like birthdays for everyone from Bob Marley and Michelango to Marie Antionette. Or why not celebrate the anniversary of the first Grateful Dead concert or the opening of the Cannes film festival?

Dinner Explorer includes country themes and national holidays, and offers recipes for foods like Texas Chili, Russian blini or linguini with soybeans, mussels and tomatoes. Other themes include El Classico, Midsummer Eve, Nobel Prize Banquet and Karl Lagerfeld’s birthday just to name a few.

Shopping lists and links to Facebook
“Since the Internet is where people spend more and more time, Electrolux is  there, too, not just for product and price comparison sites, but with fun cooking ideas and other product applications,” says Carola Lundell, responsible for Dinner Explorer.

The new Dinner Explorer is outfitted with the global tools of the Internet, such as widgets for blogs and social networking.  Electrolux also lets users connect with food and lifestyle groups, such as Facebook.

Users can download shopping lists, suggest new themes and subscribe to updates and new recipes.

Dinner Explorer is available in 17 languages.

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