New photos from plastic landfills in the world’s oceans

As part of the “Vac from the sea” initiative, Electrolux has in in recent weeks participated in a number of ocean expeditions to collect plastic waste.

Launched in the beginning of this summer, the initiative will help get plastic waste out of the world’s oceans and into home appliances made of recycled plastic. The photos from the sessions give a picture of the situation in the seas.

In recent weeks, Electrolux has cooperated with volunteers and experts to support plastic collection in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas. The aim with “Vac from the sea” is to not only illuminate the problem of plastic pollution but also to raise awareness on the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for making sustainable home appliances. Some of the plastic debris will be used by Electrolux to produce a limited number of vacuum cleaners.

On the blog and on Facebook, anyone interested in the issue is able to follow the endeavor and find inspiration on how to get involved. The vacuum cleaners produced from the plastic debris will be put on display for decision makers and consumers as part of spreading the word. They will of course also be presented to the followers of this newsroom.

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