UltraActive bagless vacuum cleaner: larger cleaning radius although 30% smaller

Electrolux has launched the new UltraActive, a premium bagless vacuum cleaner designed to take the effort out of vacuuming, in large parts of Europe. Australia and the U.S. will follow later this year. Dynamic in design, UltraActive offers full-sized performance, extra long reach, and is easy to handle and store.

Bagless cleaners are generally large and heavy. Electrolux, however, has taken the size and weight out of bagless vacuuming with UltraActive. It takes up to 30% less space than typical full-sized bagless cleaners, weighs up to 20% less, produces up to 20% more airflow, and has a 12-meter action radius, compared to an average of nine meters.

UltraActive is designed with a dual-function Ergoshock bumper, a strap that holds the hose in place and acts as a bumper to prevent marks on furniture and walls during all that zipping around. It is equipped with the Aeropro accessory system, which further enhances dust pick-up and manoeuvrability.

UltraActive comes in four colors—fresh yellow, copper, cyan and Bahama blue—and is designed in transparent plastic.

In addition to the standard model, the range includes a green model with lower energy consumption that is made from recycled material, and one fitted with a remote control on the handle.

UltraActive is part of the Ultra family of vacuum cleaners from Electrolux, which also includes the UltraOne and UltraSilencer ranges.

UltraActive is currently on display on Electrolux websites in Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain and soon in Sweden and Norway.

For more information, please contact Electrolux Media Hotline; press(a)electrolux.com or +46 8 657 6507