Form & Function Sought in Equal Measure from Domestic Appliances

With a little under a week to go until the deadline for submissions (May 1st 2010) would-be Electrolux Design Lab contestants would do well to note the response to an Electrolux survey* that found equal value is placed upon the aesthetics and performance of a household product.

The survey asked people to rank one of the two options exclusively in a purchasing scenario. The results provided a pure 50-50 split, with many finding it difficult to separate the two.

“This split reaffirms our belief that people want the products they buy to provide performance and aesthetical appeal in equal measure.” say’s Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President for Design at Electrolux. “Performance could be seen as a prerequisite, with the design of a product acting as a differentiator. People are taking our products in to their own home and naturally want them to look good and perform accordingly. This understanding is at the heart of the creation of Electrolux products – well crafted design and efficiency shouldn’t present a choice of one ahead of the other – they are synonymous.”

Indeed, the Electrolux ‘Heart of the Home’ concept highlights the importance of design in ensuring optimal product performance. This exciting new kitchen concept offers an integrated and smart solution for the domestic requirements of the future. A great emphasis on intuitive design facilitates both real and digital social interaction with friends and family members, as well as offering people the opportunity to cook, learn, and develop skills with a practical space saving amorphous table top surface.

* Electrolux surveyed 70 people (20% of the day’s attendees including designers, architects and creative thinkers) at the DesignBoost event in Stockholm held at the Swedish Museum of Architecture, 12th February 2010.

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