Hans Stråberg of Electrolux named "Influencer of the Year"

Hans Stråberg, President and CEO of Electrolux, has been named “Influencer of the Year” in Sweden. In another award, Stråberg has also been named Sweden’s Best Communication Team together with Lars Göran Johansson, Senior Vice-President, Communications and Branding.

By invitation from the education company Management Events, around 150 senior managers from Sweden’s 500 largest engineering industries nominated persons they thought had distinguished themselves during the year. The “Influencer of the Year” was then selected by a poll of participants at the StrategiTorget Verkstadsindustrin, a forum for senior management in the engineering industry. When voting, they were also asked to write a short explanation, which is the basis for the explanation given when Stråberg received the price:

Through a concrete and clear vision the winner has been able to lead the company successfully through this business cycle. He is early in perceiving signals from the surrounding world, which makes him run the company into being one of the leaders in the market. His style of leadership, involvement in the processes and the loyalty and diligence, makes him get as he wants, thanks to his Smålandian stubbornness.

“In the recent years we have had to make many difficult decisions, but I have always been convinced they were necessary. Electrolux stands stronger than ever, as we now begin to see the end of the crisis. It shows that our strategy works, and this is also obvious to the world around us,” said Hans Stråberg.

Previous winners of the “Influencer of the Year” are, among others, Tom Johnstone, CEO of SKF, and Leif Östling, President and CEO of Scania.

Sweden’s Best Communication Team

In another award, Stråberg has also been named Sweden’s Best Communication Team together with Lars Göran Johansson. The award is initiated by Hammer & Hanborg, Sweden’s leading recruitment firm within the communication field, who had about 3,500 communication professionals nominate the best team. Hans Stråberg and Lars Göran Johansson, Senior Vice President, Communications and Branding was chosen winner by the jury. The jury explanation:

For a long and successful cooperation between the president and the head of communications. Year after year Electrolux manages to communicate successes and setbacks in a way that creates greater interest in the company and its products. The effort is led by a clear strategic line but is characterized by continuous renewal and an ability to relate to current issues in a way that builds brand and strengthens the position. In recent years, the successful alignment of the group’s brands has further contributed to Electrolux strong position in the international arena. Add to this financial information in the absolute international top class, and there is an answer to the question which is Sweden’s finest team.

“My primary task as president and CEO is to ensure that Electrolux continues to focus on products, brand and cost. But the efforts to pursue our strategy would not be worth much if we failed to communicate them. In order to be a successful leader today, it is crucial to be able communicating with various stakeholders. This is particularly true if you head up a consumer industry. Lars Göran and many other talented employees in the communications department is a great help to me. The award confirms this,” said Hans Stråberg.

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