Electrolux innovates again – the quietest blender ever

Electrolux is starting a quiet revolution in the kitchen by introducing Powermix Silent. It’s 10 times quieter than the average blender and features a patented Sound Reduction System, great performance, and sleek design.

According to consumer research, many people feel that loud blender noise is disturbing.

“The desire for silent appliances is very important for consumers, particularly for appliances used in the kitchen where family and friends gather to eat and socialize,” says Julie Morin, Product Marketing Manager, Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliance Europe.

Because Powermix Silent is so quiet, it can be used any time of the day or night without disturbing a conversation or a sleeping child, for example.

The blender features a patented Sound Reduction System, a unique combination of reduced vibrations and airflow.

This system substantially lowers the blender’s sound level to under 80 dB, equal to the sound of a telephone dial tone.

This is 10 times quieter than an average blender, which boasts sound levels between 90 dB -95 dB, equal to the sound of a motorcycle.

Great performance and easy to clean

In addition to being quiet, the Powermix Silent offers great mixing performance and is easy to clean.

Its new triangular jug design creates a vortex effect, allowing ingredients to be easily pulled down to the blades.

The jug also has a smooth inner surface making cleaning quick and easy.

The blender is available in two trendy colors: antique steel and deep aubergine.

Additional accessories include a fruit filter that prepares perfectly smooth juices without seeds and pits, and a mini chopper that processes finely chopped herbs, dried fruits and nuts, icing sugar, and puree.

Global launch

Powermix Silent was developed in Brazil and designed in Sweden. It was launched across Europe in the spring, and will be launched shortly in Latin America.

The Powermix Silent blender joins a new food preparation range, which includes a food processor, stick and hand mixers.

For further information

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