Cook It Raw: new culinary concept chose Electrolux Professional Green Spirit

Cook It Raw is an international culinary project which seeks to reinforce the links between cultures and countries through food, exploring a new concept of cuisine that is in tune with nature and encourages experimentation with energy-saving techniques.

With the participation of a group of avant-garde Chefs at Electrolux Professional headquarters in Pordenone, Italy, it was presented to journalists and food critics on January 22.

Star-spangled Chefs, Renè Redzepi (restaurant Noma, Copenhagen), Claude Bosi (restaurant Hibiscus, London), Daniel Patterson (restaurant Coi, San Francisco) and Dave Chang (restaurant Momufuku, New York), presented this new culinary concept through a live demonstration, with the precious support of Electrolux Professional.

“If Cook It Raw is synonymous with cook it green, Electrolux Professional couldn’t be left out of this wonderful initiative”, says Alberto Zanata, Head of Electrolux Professional. “Electrolux Professional has been chosen as one of the preferred partners of this project because our company stands for social responsibility and a sustainable approach. The Green Spirit range is an evidence of it, thus including the most energy efficient and environmentally-sound professional products”.

Cook It Raw was born last year from the  initiative of Alessandro Porcelli and his colleagues of Nordic Gourmet Tour. After a huge success in Copenhagen last May, and right before moving to San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Kyoto and Melbourne in 2010-2011, the second act of Cook It Raw saw its focus sharpened with thinking turning to two of the meanings of Raw – ‘fresh’ as well as ‘strong and wild’ – in the special terroir of Collio, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a crossroad of different cultures and a land of vineyards whose unique soils ensure great wines.

“Innovation and technology in the kitchen – adds Alberto Zanata – can become tools to highlight the taste and quality of raw ingredients, without altering or manipulating their nature and in compliance with an environmental concern. For Cook It Raw ‘food’ and ‘green’ are closely related concepts; almost complementary ones. This is just the way we want it to be at Electrolux”.

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