Electrolux launches greenest vac range on the market

Throughout Europe, Electrolux is currently rolling out its new range of five green vacuum cleaners — UltraOne, UltraSilencer, UltraActive, ErgoSpace and Jetmaxx. They all feature the same high-performance and design, but now with new, innovative features that are better for the environment.

The cleaners are made from 55-70% recycled plastics. UltraOne Green, for example, contains 70% recycled plastics and no Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a plastic being questioned for its environmental impact.

The use of recycled plastics saves on average 90% of the water and 80-90% of the energy used when producing virgin plastics.

Electrolux has reduced the wattage in all green high performance cleaners to 1000 – max 1300 W, without significant loss of suction and pickup. Other key components, such as the airflow and the nozzle construction, are important indicators for superior performance. Their clever design compensates for the slightly lower wattage.

Electrolux Green Range saves up to 50% energy compared with an average 2000W cleaner, which translates to 0,5 – 1 W less energy consumption per hour of usage. If a consumer uses a green Electrolux cleaner for ten years, he or she would save enough energy to reduce CO2 emissions by 320 kg – which is enough to drive a car 1,918 kilometers.

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