A dishwasher designed for the 21st century

Electrolux has launched the new RealLife dishwashers in Europe. Based on thousands of hours of consumer observation and interviews across Europe, the dishwashers offer bigger capacity, better washing results and use less water and energy, meeting today’s consumer needs.

The way people live today is not the same as 30 years ago, yet white-goods companies continue to manufacture dishwashers for the standard loads that were defined in the 1970s. Electrolux learned in its research that very few of these standard items have been left in kitchens.

People today use unusually shaped dishes, glasses of different heights, professional pots and pans and big vessels, all kinds of kitchenware that are difficult to fit into a conventional dishwasher.

Addressing consumer needs

And consumers expect their dishwasher to clean everything, whatever they load, however they load. That’s why Electrolux has created Electrolux RealLife – the most flexible and spacious dishwashers on the market today, with a unique four-centimeter higher XXL tub, thus offering the biggest loadable space, while keeping the same external dimensions.

Electrolux RealLife also deliver better washing results. The dishwashers have a completely redesigned hydraulic system and new double rotation Flexi-Spray and technology, which guarantee perfect spray coverage and outstanding washing results even in the most crowded and dirty loads.

RealLife are also environmentally friendly, thanks to the further energy and water consumption reduction (down to 8 liters of water in the auto program) and the use of new sustainable technologies, such as the Auto-Off function, which turns the machine off at the end of the cycle so no standby energy is consumed.

The dishwasher has been launched in most European countries. Find more information on the products via the local Electrolux websites.

For further information

Please contact Electrolux Media Relations +46 8 657 6507 or press@electrolux.com