"Best in class"-blender is a savior when juice prices increase

Freezing temperatures in Florida and other parts of the United States have been helping to drive up prices for orange juice. Making your own orange juice can turn out to be a good alternative. In Brazil, famous for its fresh fruit drinks, Electrolux has recently been awarded for its “best in class”-blender when it comes to juice preparation.

Making their own juice costs less for the consumer, and it is at the same time fresher and tastier. And it is also fun. With a good blender the consumer can experiment with and mix different fruits and beverages.

Who knows about this, if not the Brazilians – famous for its fresh fruit drinks? And according to a recent survey by leading Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, the Electrolux Cuisine Black Filter blender rates best in performance for juice preparation. Four models from different brands were tested in the survey. In addition to being recognized for its special  juice-making filter, the blender also scored high for its user guide, appearance and low noise level.

In Brazil, Electrolux entered the blender segment in 2007, and the Cuisine Black Filter model was developed based on Brazilian consumers’ desires. Based on feedback from consumer surveys, color, speed and accessories were important features.

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