Electrolux Vac from the Sea takes home five prestigious European PR awards

Electrolux Vac from the Sea campaign is the winner of five European PR Awards: Two European Excellence Awards and three Eurobest Awards.

The Vac from the Sea campaign won two gold medals in the European Excellence Awards for “Best International Communication”and “Best Campaign.”

The European Excellence Awards honor outstanding achievements in communications on an international scale.

Two silver medals were handed out by the Eurobest Awards for “Corporate Reputation” and “Best Integrated Campaign led by PR,” and one bronze medal for “Best Digital PR.”

Eurobest is one of the premier awards for Europe’s creative advertising industry. Traditionally for advertising only, Europest included PR as an award category for the first time ever this year.

“We are thrilled to win these five awards, but the real victory is the impact Vac from the Sea has had,” says Julia Emmerich, Electrolux PR Manager Europe. “We’ve only just begun the journey and already we’ve reached over 110 million people. Without the knowledge of our partner/environmental/research organizations, this would not have been possible, so the awards really go to a team of passionate individuals in and around Electrolux.”

The Vac from the Sea campaign was co-created by Electrolux Floor Care Marketing department and Electrolux Group PR Studio.

Launched earlier this year, the campaign brings attention to the issue of plastic pollution and raises awareness on the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for making sustainable home appliances. Electrolux and its partner organizations collected plastic from five of the world’s major oceans and seas—in coral reefs, coast lines, sandy beaches and rocky crevices—and then designed five vacs featuring colorful mosaic patterns from the harvested plastic debris.

The campaign puts light on the Electrolux Green range of canister vacuum cleaners, including UltraOne Green, UltraSilencer Green, UltraActive Green, ErgoSpace Green, and Jetmaxx Green—all are made from up to 70% recycled plastics and save up to 50% energy compared with an average 2000w vacuum cleaner.