Electrolux celebrates 80 years on Stockholm Stock Exchange

To commemorate the Electrolux 80-year listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Hans Stråberg, President and CEO of Electrolux, together with Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Electrolux, and Lars Wedenborn, Chairman of NASDAQ OMX Nordic, inaugurated a historic exhibition at Nasdaq OMX headquarters in Stockholm. The inauguration was combined with a closing bell ceremony at close of trade on Thursday.

With products, documents, pictures and interesting facts, the exhibition describes the successful journey of Electrolux from its start as a local vacuum cleaner manufacturer in Stockholm in 1919 to becoming a consumer-driven company and a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use. The development as a popular share is also described.

“At Electrolux, we are not only proud of the fact that we have for more than 90 years made life easier in households. We also proud of the 80 years during which we have created great value for our shareholders,” says Hans Stråberg.

“Consumers and customers should look forward to many new and good products from Electrolux, and the shareholders should look forward to good return on investments,” continues Stråberg.

“Electrolux was listed on Stockholm Stock Exchange during the troublesome 1930’s. It was considered a bold move at the time for Electrolux to do the introduction . Electrolux has continued to be a bold company that dares to take necessary steps forward for the benefit of its shareholders,” says Lars Wedenborn, chairman of NASDAQ OMX Nordic.

Electrolux shares have previously also been listed at the stock exchanges in London (1928-2010), Genève (1955-1996), Oslo (1981-1991), Paris (1983-2003), Basel (1987-1996), Zürich (1987-2003) and in the NASDAQ system in the USA (1987-2005).