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Turkey à la Dishwasher

To add novelty to your Christmas celebrations, then how about cooking a turkey in a dishwasher? This particular cooking technique, as suggested by a chef in the UK.

COP15 Barometer – December 17, 2009

Overnight snow covered the Bella Center in a blanket of white, and the temperature was below freezing point as Electrolux interviewed the delegates who were delighted that the metro station at the Bella Center was open again.

COP15 Barometer – December 16, 2009

Dark clouds hung overhead and the first snowflakes sprinkled down on Electrolux representatives as they checked the temperature of the atmosphere amongst the delegates at the Climate Summit. Today's huge demonstration meant that many delegates had to walk far to get to the action, making the demonstration the talk of the day.

COP15 Barometer – December 15, 2009

On another cold December day the long queues at the Bella Center were once again one of the hot topics as Electrolux interviewed conference delegates at the Bella Center’s metro station about the day’s key issues and expectations for a climate deal on Friday.

COP15 Barometer – December 14, 2009

"Security chaos" was one of the hottest topics on Monday in front of the Bella Center, where hundreds of people had to wait patiently outside in the December cold on the first day of the event to enter.

New electronic appliances can reduce Copenhagen’s climate impact

The city of Copenhagen could reduce its total CO2 emissions by 56,402 tons annually if all households replaced their outdated and energy consuming household appliances with new, energy efficient models, according to a new climate study from Electrolux.

Ergorapido competition extended – still a chance to win!

The call for inspiring interior designs in the Ergorapido competition attracted over one-thousand entries from twenty-five countries. It’s been so popular that a second competition has been added and will run through January 2010.

Electrolux wins the Planeta Casa award in Brazil

In Brazil, the Turbo Acqua Jet Washer from Electrolux, is awarded the Planeta Casa award. It is the only home appliance considered by the award as a product which contributes to the rational use of water.

Vote for Electrolux Design Lab Theme 2010

Electrolux are now thinking about the theme for Electrolux Design Lab 2010 and are seeking your participation in setting the brief through an on-line vote. Now moving towards its eighth year, this is the first time that interactive voting, which is open to everyone, has occurred. Your thoughts and opinions will then help us to formulate the brief for the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab.

Swedish women like Electrolux share

The Electrolux share is popular among Swedish women. According to a fresh Swedish study, 41% of Electrolux share owners are women.

Electrolux wins two “Green Good Design” awards

Electrolux received recognition for two sustainability-related initiatives: the Panda Club Project, with which Electrolux is in partnership with WWF Italia, and the Electrolux 4Springs Tap, which offers consumers an alternative to bottled water.

Electrolux emphasise food preservation on World Food Day

According to UK studies, about a third of the food we purchase gets thrown away and with an estimated 20% of global greenhouse gases linked to the food chain, this represents a significant opportunity for change. On World Food Day (16th October), Electrolux suggest their FreshFrostFree™ range of refrigerators as a smart choice to help preserve food and the environment simultaneously.

Interview with Design Lab jury member David Fisher

David Fisher is the Design Director of Seymourpowell, the internationally-renowned product design consultancy based in London, and one of four internationally-recognized designers on this year’s Electrolux Design Lab jury.

Incentives for energy-efficient refrigerators in the hot seat

Electrolux CEO Hans Stråberg challenged policy-makers to introduce consumer incentives for exchanging outdated, energy-thirsty appliances in an op-ed piece in Dagens Industri , Sweden’s leading industry newspaper (August 24).

Top 8 Electrolux Design Lab 09 finalists announced

From teleport fridges to flying water catchers to robotic greenhouses on Mars, Electrolux announces this year’s top eight Design Lab finalists in its global competition themed “Designs for the next 90 years”. The eight finalists will compete for first place in Electrolux Design Lab ’09 finals in London on September 24, 2009, at 100% Design London, the UK’s leading architecture and design event.

Electrolux endorses Caring for Climate

Together with leading companies worldwide, Electrolux is taking part in a joint business call for action to make markets work for the climate.

Electrolux launch WaterSavings website

Electrolux has launched, a website where it is possible to compare how much water could be saved in households, cities and countries if everyone used a modern dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand.

S-bag®: the dustbag that won’t quit

The Electrolux s-bag® was launched worldwide in 2001 as a standard sized vacuum cleaner dustbag for Electrolux and Philips vacuum cleaners.

Pure water fresh from the fridge

Brita® and Electrolux bring you clean and tasty water straight from the fridge. There’s no longer any need to haul heavy and bulky bottles from the supermarket. Brita® filters protect your family and the environment.

Electrolux designs concept products to match tomorrow’s trends

Electrolux knows that the kitchen is "the place to be" when socializing in the home. Today, cooking is a collaborative effort. This means that appliances that provide flexibility in terms of time and space are more important than ever to consumers.

Electrolux will slash energy use a further 15% by 2012

Electrolux has decided that by year-end 2012 its factories, offices and warehouses will use 15% less energy than in 2008. These savings will result in CO2 reductions of over 70,000 tons – the equivalent of the yearly emissions from more than 30,000 cars. Moreover, reductions in energy consumption are projected to bring the Group annual savings of approx. SEK 100 million based on 2008 prices.

Top home appliance trends for iGeneration

After analyzing hundreds of entries from the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition, Electrolux reveals six emerging home appliance trends for the iGeneration.

Fresh food is good, both for you and the environment

Fresh food is a key ingredient in any healthy life style. Electrolux new FreshFrostFree™ range preserves the freshness and taste of your favorite food. By keeping food fresh longer and reducing our household waste, we can contribute to preserving the environment.

Space is freedom

Having more space is having more freedom, freedom to cook what you want and not having to worry about running out of supplies.

Vacuum for the joy of it!

Why compromise? When choosing a vacuum cleaner, most consumers have to compromise between performance and sound levels or design and maneuverability. Electrolux now ends this by launching the new UltraOne: a vacuum cleaner completely redesigned from scratch.

World’s first zero-emissions Antarctic station puts Electrolux products to use

Electrolux supports Antarctica project with energy-efficient household appliances. The world’s first zero emissions Antarctic station, the Princess Elisabeth, was officially opened on February 15, 2009, in Dronning Maud Land in Antarctica. The researchers will use Electrolux energy efficient appliances when cooking, cleaning or doing the laundry in this environmentally friendly house.

Call for entries: Designs for the next 90 years

The Electrolux Design Lab 2009 global design competition invites undergraduate and graduate industrial design students around the world to submit their innovative home appliance ideas for the next 90 years, deadline May 31.

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