COP15 Barometer – December 16, 2009

Dark clouds hung overhead and the first snowflakes sprinkled down on Electrolux representatives as they checked the temperature of the atmosphere amongst the delegates at the Climate Summit. Today’s huge demonstration meant that many delegates had to walk far to get to the action, making the demonstration the talk of the day.

Although there is a strong focus on the negotiations between China and the US, according to most delegates hopes to achieve a consensus on common climate goals between developing and industrialized countries is equally important. The government leaders’ arrival and participation in the crucial negotiations was also a topic.

Last but not least, everyone at the Bella Center today called for a total stop to the destruction the world’s rainforests as part of the climate agreement.

The last 24 hours have not changed much on the barometer measurement, and the belief in an ambitious climate agreement is still not overwhelming.

Measurements on the COP15 barometer, December 16, 2009:

Belief that the Copenhagen conference is moving closer to an agreement:

The most important issues of the day raised by our interviewees (in order of importance):

  • Negotiations between China and the US about CO2 reductions
  • The huge climate demonstration at the Bella Center
  • The government leaders’ arrival for the final leg of the negotiations
  • Hope of a consensus between developing and industrialized countries on financing the climate agreement
  • Stopping the destruction of the world’s rainforests

About the COP15 Barometer

From December 14 to18, 2009, Danish online newspaper, in cooperation with Electrolux, will check the temperature and mood each day at the climate negotiations taking place at Copenhagen’s Bella Center. Between 70 and 100 delegates and journalists will be asked each day what they think about the negotiations’ progress and what they see as today’s “hot” topic. Click here to see the COP15 Barometer online.

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