The UltraOne vacuum cleaner already "Best in test" in five countries

Since the launch earlier this year, the Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner has already received “Best in test” in consumer reviews in five countries – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Czech Republic.

In its latest issue, the leading Swedish consumer magazine Råd & Rön gives UltraOne 76 points, which is the best result ever for a vacuum cleaner in a Råd & Rön test. UltraOne had the best dust absorption and the best suction of any vacuum in the test. It was also the test’s quietest vacuum cleaner with a measured noise level of only 62 decibels.

In Denmark, – published by the Danish Consumer Council, states that UltraOne is in a kind of its own, and “sucks the title ‘Best in test’ to itself”. According to the test the vac is very efficient, regardless if its vacuum cleaning on hard floors, removing animal hairs on carpets or dust on the walls. The suction power is not decreased even when the bag is full.

In Norway, Forbruker-Rapporten – published by the Norwegian Consumer Council, names UltraOne “the dust bunnies’ worst enemy”. It receives top scores on most fields.

Finlands consumer agency Kuluttaja tested 40 bagged and bagless models and declared UltraOne as clear winner on all different floors, for animal hair and exhaust air (published in Kuluttaja magazine 05/2009).

In Czech Republic, UltraOne is “most perfect vacuum cleaner” in dTest – a magazine with product tests as reference for end users. UltraOne was credited for a very good dust pickup result and stated to be the most silent model from the products in test.

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