Vacuum for the joy of it!

Why compromise? When choosing a vacuum cleaner, most consumers have to compromise between performance and sound levels or design and maneuverability. Electrolux now ends this by launching the new UltraOne: a vacuum cleaner completely redesigned from scratch.

The result is a vacuum cleaner with top tested cleaning performance, ergonomic handling, attractive design and among the most silent in the market. Electrolux claims it to be the best it has made in its 90 years existence and can even turn the chore of vacuuming into a joy.

“The brief to engineers and designers was very simple in this case: produce a top vacuum cleaner that is superior on all levels,” explains Jonas Magnusson, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux. “UltraOne beats all comparable cleaners in lab tests and is the absolute best when combining all aspects important to consumers.”

The engineers developed a completely new nozzle and airflow for the UltraOne. Powered by a 2200-watt motor, UltraOne generates more suction power and dust pick up than any other vacuum cleaner in its range, according to lab tests by the independent research institute SLG Prüf- und Zertifierungs GMBH.

Aiming to improve the entire concept of vacuuming, the development team looked at every detail to make the UltraOne combine this top cleaning performance with the lowest sound level possible. Emitting a mere 72 decibels, UltraOne is among the quietest on the market. Designers were, for example, inspired by the air soles in running shoes when selecting the new, soft materials for the wheels.

Those wheels, mounted on steel axles, were developed in line with the improved ergonomics. The new ergonomic handle offers several different handling positions in order to increase ease of use. From that handle, the hose leads down to the front of the vacuum cleaner, limiting the obstructions for the airflow and making it easier for the UltraOne to follow the consumer.

With sleek, sporty shapes and carefully chosen colors, Electrolux tests show that UltraOne catches consumers’ attention. Electrolux research indicates that no less than 50% of all consumers store their vacuum cleaner in plain sight. UltraOne is therefore available in five different colors: copper metallic, diamond sand, magenta, ice white and deep blue.

“We’re really proud of this premium vacuum cleaner that will make cleaning more fun, or at least less of a pain for people who really hate it,” concludes Jonas Magnusson.

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