Electrolux will slash energy use a further 15% by 2012

Electrolux has decided that by year-end 2012 its factories, offices and warehouses will use 15% less energy than in 2008. These savings will result in CO2 reductions of over 70,000 tons – the equivalent of the yearly emissions from more than 30,000 cars. Moreover, reductions in energy consumption are projected to bring the Group annual savings of approx. SEK 100 million based on 2008 prices.

At the end of 2008, Electrolux had reduced energy consumption by 14.5% compared to 2005 levels. This is generating annual savings of approx. SEK 100 million for the Group and reducing CO2 emissions by 90,000 tons – the equivalent of the yearly emissions from some 40,000 cars. Now, Electrolux has made a renewed commitment to reduce energy a further 15% by 2012.

“Electrolux has a role to play in the climate challenge. We can do this while growing our business and streamlining our operations,” says Hans Stråberg, Electrolux President and CEO.

Cutting energy use in operations is an essential part of the Electrolux strategy to addressing climate change, along with promoting a green range of products and raising awareness on the role of energy-efficient appliances.

“Electrolux has a strong heritage of promoting sustainable products,” says Stråberg. “And since the ‘use phase’ is the lion’s share of appliances’ energy consumption, we strive to continuously develop more energy-efficient appliances. Today’s Electrolux best fridges consume 70% less energy than the average 15 years ago. With the right market framework, we can do even more. That’s why Electrolux urges politicians and governments to pass incentives for consumers to replace energy-intensive appliances with new, efficient ones.”

For more information on how much energy and water that can be saved by switching to new and energy efficient appliances please go to http://www.electrolux.com/ecosavings and http://www.electrolux.com/watersavings

For further information contact Electrolux Media Hotline on +46 8 657 65 07