S-bag®: the dustbag that won’t quit

The Electrolux s-bag® was launched worldwide in 2001 as a standard sized vacuum cleaner dustbag for Electrolux and Philips vacuum cleaners. Earlier this year, the s-bag reached a milestone, surpassing 150 million products sold.

The s-bag®  (s=standard) was conceived by Electrolux because consumer studies showed that people were finding it difficult to locate and buy the correct vacuum cleaner bag. The s-bag® was developed in collaboration with Philips to fit all Electrolux and Philips vacuum cleaner models manufactured after 2000. Today, the s-bag fits more than 50 cleaner platforms!

Almost a decade after the launch of the s-bag®, the concept of a standard dust bag stands stronger than ever, and new material technologies and better design solutions have continuously improved its performance.

Continuous product development
In 2004, Electrolux introduced the next generation synthetic materials, which has led to a number of different adaptations and superior performance.

Today, there is a range of advanced s-bag® products, each meeting a different consumer needs:

s-bag® classic: Classic high-performance paper version
s-bag® classic long performance: Synthetic version for longer life
s-bag® HEPA anti-allergy: Top filtration, ideal for allergy sufferers
s-bag® anti-odour: Anti-odour system, ideal for pet owners
s-bag® ultra long performance: Outstanding air flow for maximum suction power

Made in Sweden
The s-bag® is produced at Electrolux Filter in Nygård, Sweden where there have been investments in new machine lines for the new generations of s-bag®.

Today, the factory operates world-class manufacturing facilities, delivering the flexibility, quality, cost efficiency, and speed to the markets.