Prestigious sustainability recognition for Electrolux

Electrolux has for the second straight year been recognized by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM), an independent asset management company headquartered in Zurich.

Each year, the 2,500 largest companies in the world are invited to participate in SAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Those assessments are the basis for the Sustainability Yearbook, one of the world’s most insightful publications on corporate sustainability and the related challenges and opportunities for companies. SAM also makes the assessment for Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Only the top-scoring 15% of the companies in each of the 57 sectors assessed are eligible for inclusion in the Sustainability Yearbook.

Electrolux this year received three recognitions: as SAM Sector leader, SAM sector mover and SAM Silver class in Durable Household Products.

The SAM Yearbook ranking is based on how companies cope with sustainability trends and challenges that are likely to have an impact on shareholder value creation. The report identifies companies that are better than their peers in seizing opportunities and managing risks associated with global and industry-specific trends and challenges; and which therefore represent attractive investment opportunities.

“Tackling climate change is a responsibility Electrolux takes seriously. Our stakesholders expect us to lead and continually improve. One area with a critical influence on how appliances impact CO2 emissions is consumer choice. Electrolux is therefore using targeted marketing campaigns to communicate the role of efficient appliances.”, says Henrik Sundström, head of Sustainability Affairs.

SAM Sector Leader
The SAM Sector Leader is identified as the company best prepared to seize the opportunities and manage the risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments. The SAM Sector Leader is the company with the best score of those companies assessed in this sector.

SAM Sector Mover
Within the top 15% of each sector, the title of SAM Sector Mover is awarded to the company that proportionally improved its sustainability performance most since last year.

SAM Silver Class
The SAM Sector Leader qualifies for the SAM Silver Class if it achieves a total score in the range of 70-75%. Peer group companies whose total score lies within a range of =5% lower than the SAM Sector Leader are also awarded SAM Silver Class, a score of = 10% lower than the leader results in SAM Bronze Class.

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