World’s strongest man, Magnus Samuelsson, buys commercial washer from Electrolux – then lifts it!

Magnus Samuelsson, a Swedish strongman and former World’s Strongest Man, is the proud owner of a commercial washer from Electrolux Professional Laundry.

Samuelsson holds the record for reaching the World’s Strongest Man finals ten times, a feat which he achieved over thirteen years. He officially “retired” in 2008 and runs a farm and an adventure getaway in Sweden called Wilderness Power and Speed ( in Kisa, Sweden, a few hours drive south of Stockholm.

During their stays, visitors get first-rate treatment and a chance to try out the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) on the farmland and the off-road tracks.

To keep on top of the tough laundry generated by his facility, Samuelsson purchased an commercial washer W455H from Electrolux Professional Laundry. And when the 100 kg heavy unit arrived by truck, Samuelsson picked it up all by himself and put it into place.

“It was heavier than I thought,” said the 2.00 m (6 ft 6.75 in.) tall Samuelsson.

The W455H is a robust high-spin freestanding washing machine for commercial use. Some of the features include high extraction force, automatic weighing system to guarantee the right wash load the correct amount of water providing savings on water/energy, low water and energy consumption, low noise level and more.

Samuelsson feels very much at home in the laundry room, as this is where his career started – in the laundry room of his family home. When he was just a boy, he and his two brothers would build their muscles using a bar and home-made weights tucked into the corner of the laundry room.

“It’s great to have a washer that takes such a large amount of grimy wash and works so fast,” says Magnusson. “We are really happy with it. It’s quiet and effective while it runs!”


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