A sparkling source of well being

Do you love sparkling water? There’s no need to buy it any longer with Electrolux Source & Glacier.

The Electrolux Source & Glacier combines the subtle joy of a glass of cool sparkling or still water with the luxurious comfort of an ice machine. You never have to run out of ice or worry about running out of sparkling water. It’s all there in the safe comfort of your kitchen.

Today there is an increasing trend among consumers to produce their own sparkling water. Many buy special equipment to be able to make their own fizzy drinks at home. With Electrolux Source & Glacier all you need is a glass or a pitcher and you’re all set.

“We all need water. So why not make it more enjoyable? With Source & Glacier the choice is up to you. Will you take a glass of still water with ice, or sparkling with maybe a slice of orange?” says Karl-Åke Westberg, Product Business Manager Core Innovation.

The Electrolux Source & Glacier are both tap connected for providing you with an endless supply of still and sparkling water as well as ice cubes so you don’t need to refill the container. The integrated water filter ensures that the water is always clean and tasty. Normally, having so many special features would seriously reduce the storage space. But thanks to the space optimization there’s no need to choose between efficiency and comfort.

The Electrolux Source & Glacier comes as two separate appliances, the freezer Glacier and the refrigerator Source. When combined, they function as a great looking big capacity side by side fridge/freezer, perfectly suitable for European homes with their slim dimensions.

The Electrolux Source & Glacier range are at this time available only in Europe.

Learn more on the Source & Glacier websites (Swedish / Danish)

For more information please contact Electrolux Press Hotline at +46 8 6576507 or press@electrolux.com

Make your own flavored water!

Making your own water can be a fun and tasty experience. Here are three suggestions on making your own flavored water:

1. Lemon/Lime. Simply squeeze a lemon or lime into your glass and your water will not only taste great, it will also contain healthy vitamins.

2. Green Apples. Put a couple of slices of unpeeled apple in your pitcher. Pour water over, let it soak and you have a nice refreshing drink.

3. Watermelon. Slice up the melon and put the pieces in your pitcher or glass together with as much ice as you like.

The only way of finding your own personal drink is to experiment, why not try adding your favorite fruit or even green tea?