Electrolux wins two “Green Good Design” awards

Electrolux received recognition for two sustainability-related initiatives: the Panda Club Project, with which Electrolux is in partnership with WWF Italia, and the Electrolux 4Springs Tap, which offers consumers an alternative to bottled water.

The Green Good Design Awards series was initiated by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable design and highlights companies on its cutting edge. Electrolux competed with hundreds of submissions from over 40 countries.

The Panda Club Project teaches children about sustainability. For the last 15 years, Electrolux in Italy and WWF Italia have had a long-standing partnership to raise awareness of environmental issues and the role of efficient homes. The Panda Club project is an initiative aimed to inspire students to get involved. One activity was a nation-wide drawing competition. As part of the program, Electrolux sponsored the production and distribution of 80,000 copies of Ecoguida, a guide to efficient use of appliances targeted to consumers through retail outlets and trade magazines. Panda Club winner illustrations were showcased in the publication.

The 4Springs Tap means consumers no longer need to buy bottled water. It’s a water tap that creates micro-filtered, chilled and carbonated drinking water, 4Springs reduces the bacteria level, removes all impurities and chlorine. Simply put, it makes water purer and more pleasant to drink. Water can be chilled and users can customize the degree of carbonation. Consumers are increasingly concerned about unnecessarily hauling bottled water over long distances. At least 200,000 tons CO2 are emitted every year from the production of PET bottles and transporting them across Europe.

“It’s important to demonstrate the Group’s commitment to sustainability, not only through the products we bring to market, but the emphasis we place on building long-term partnerships with organizations like WWF Italia,” says Michela Diffidenti, project manager for the cooperation with WWF of Italy.

All award winners can be viewed at http://www.europeanarch.eu/awards.html

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