Electrolux freezers that can handle the cold

Electrolux new chest freezer range gives consumers increased freedom and storage options thanks to the new Shield Condenser.

According to a European survey, more than 78 percent of all chest freezers are placed in areas such as the garage, the utility room or  the cellar where they might be exposed to extreme temperatures. With this in mind, Electrolux has developed the new unique Shield Condenser. The Shield Condenser guarantees that the new chest freezer range maintains a high level of efficiency and reliability in any of these conditions. This is achieved by preventing condensation and rust forming on the walls and dirt from accumulating on the condenser. In the new freezer range all walls are deliberately made smooth to ensure cleaning is made as easy.

“There’s no longer any need to be worried about your freezer making it through the freezing winter or the summer hot spells,” says Electrolux spokesperson Helen Wolley, Product Business Manager Chest Freezers, “the new chest freezer range allows consumers to place their freezers anywhere they want, and they can still count on it working perfectly.”

Many consumers have limited storage space in their homes. This should not be a reason for limiting the food supplies. The new Shield Condenser has made it possible to optimize the space & capacity of the freezer range. The Space Plus A+ and A++ models have the same large internal capacity as traditional A+ or A++ chest freezers but are up to 30 cm (11.8 inches) slimmer than any other freezer in the same energy range.

All chest freezers on the market require regular defrosting. This means running down the freezer, hours of tedious waiting and then cleaning the storage space and reloading. With the Electrolux FrostFree range, it is no longer needed. The unique technology prevents ice from forming inside the freezer and thus eliminates the need for defrosting. Alternatively the consumer can choose one of the Low Frost models that limit defrosting to only once every five years.

Electrolux chest freezer range gives the consumers an opportunity to save both money and the environment by choosing an A++ or an A+ model. The A+ models save up to 30 percent more energy than an equal product in the B class. While the best in class A++ range saves up to 50 percent more than a B class freezer.

The lightweight lid has a balance system that allows it to stay open at an angle of 45 to 80 degrees. Now consumers no longer need to open the lid completely or hold it up with one hand while accessing the food inside with the other. In addition a vacuum release valve allows the freezer to be opened and reopened repeatedly without effort.

The new range of Electrolux chest freezers include Frost Free, Low Frost, Space Plus, Save Energy and Temp Alert. Products are sold in Europe.

For more information, please contact Electrolux Press Hotline at +46 8 657 6507 or press@electrolux.com