Turkey à la Dishwasher

To add novelty to your Christmas celebrations, then how about cooking a turkey in a dishwasher?

This particular cooking technique, as suggested by a chef in the UK (where turkey is traditional Christmas fare), brings intrigue to a dish that is often dismissed as being a little too predictable. Redefining a maligned tradition using an alternative cooking method should be true food of thought (pardon the pun) and interest to everyone, especially those children that you want to fully engage in Christmas festivities.

Cooking Method & Considerations

Allow one 50-minute cycle for every 2lb of weight. Hermetically seal a seasoned turkey inside several appropriate turkey-sized oven bags.

Place the turkey in the dishwasher to steam-cook.

When cooking a turkey, ensure that the temperature of the meat doesn’t rise above the recommended 145f by using a meat thermometer.

Test Run

As a trial run, a 5lb supermarket chicken was cooked in the dishwasher providing impressive results: firm, tender, moist breast meat.

Two cycles were used, and the bird was finished off in the oven to brown and crisp the skin.

The real deal

If steam cooking with a dishwasher and thermometer isn’t quite your thing then you could always use an Electrolux Steam Combination oven. An extensive range of preprogrammed settings ensures perfect results and reduces the amount of manual checking required. The ‘combination’ uses steam to make the bird succulent and tasty before the conventional oven provides the perfect brown and crisp finish. No need to move the bird or take further action – the settings are intuitive to ensure perfect results every time.

To read more about steam cooking and Electrolux combination steam cookers check out the Electrolux steam cook guide (PDF- especially page 39).

To read more about cooking a turkey in a dishwasher visit Daily Mail, UK.

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