Smart solution solves organic waste issue at restaurants

Electrolux Professional has developed the Electrolux Waste Management System to take care of organic waste in restaurants, improving hygeine in the kitchen and reducing running costs of restaurants.

A typical restaurant can produce more than 50 tons of organic waste a year considering leftovers and food discarded during the preparation process. Organic waste takes up space and poses hygienic challenges for professional kitchens. Carting waste containers through the kitchen hampers operations and creates food contamination risks in the preparation area.

The Electrolux Waste Management System recently launched by Electrolux Professional fully solves this problem:  the system grinds the waste and dehydrates it through centrifugation. It then collects the remaning solids in a standard waste bin. In this way, the volume of organic waste is reduced by up to 80 percent. As the residual humidity of the treated waste is very low, there is no need to store it in a refrigerated area before it is collected by waste disposal service operators.

By reducing the use of storage space and electricity as well as the quantity of waste itself, the Electrolux Waste Management System also helps restaurants and institutional kitchens to lower running costs.

The treated waste can be fully re-used for the production of biogas or high-quality compost.

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