Odor-free cooking, grilling & frying in professional kitchens

The potential problem with a mobile cooking unit is that undesirable cooking odors can be emitted into ambient air. That’s why the new Libero Point is so smart and innovative.

The new Libero Point from Electrolux Professional is a compact and mobile counter that holds up to two Libero Line appliances — and a ventilation system.

Libero Point is a compact, versatile mobile unit designed to hold appliances from the Libero Line range. The unit has an integrated Anti-Odor triple filtering ventilation system that absorbs steam and odors produced while grilling, steaming or frying. This means meals can be cooked directly in front of customers with no smells; no additional ventilation is required.

Air is filtered through the top of the appliance and released at the base. The self-contained air-filtration system is equipped with three types of filters:

  • A dishwasher-safe mechanical filter that captures the bigger particles of steam and grease.
  • A fabric filter that captures the smaller particles of steam and grease thanks to its particular texture.
  • A zeolite filter that absorbs the steam particles. It can be restored in an oven at 200°C for approximately 1 hour.

Libero Point is made of heavy duty stainless steel and it has a large glass and stainless steel front serving shelf. Available in different colors, this unit fits in with all styles and surroundings. It has four swiveling wheels, making it easy to move.

Learn more about the Libero Line and the Anti Odor System on the Libero Line website.

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