Fresh food is good, both for you and the environment

Fresh food is a key ingredient in any healthy life style. Electrolux new FreshFrostFree™ range preserves the freshness and taste of your favorite food. By keeping food fresh longer and reducing our household waste, we can contribute to preserving the environment.

Fresh food tastes great and has excellent nutritional properties. Recent health trends based on fresh and raw ingredients are becoming increasingly popular. Recent research shows that more and more people increase their consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. But it’s difficult to keep food fresh for longer periods of time. Having to throw out uneaten food that’s gone bad is a common problem.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers. Fresh food is an important part of our diet.” says Karl-Åke Westberg, Product Business Manager Core Innovation of Electrolux, “It’s a shame having to throw away food because it has gone bad, it costs money and it’s bad for the environment.”

Statistics from Eurostat show that the average European generates 552kg of waste every year. A part of this is due to consumers buying food that go bad before it’s used. The new Electrolux FreshFrostFree™ line of fridges/freezers with the advanced TwinTech™ FrostFree system, in addition with a FrostFree freezer, helps to keep vegetables and fruits fresh in the refrigerator longer. This does not only save money for the individual consumer but also decreases the amount of waste created by the household.

The FreshFrostFree™ range also includes the new models with FreeStore™. FreeStore™ is a dynamic circulation system that evenly distributes both temperature and humidity within the refrigerator. Consumers no longer have to worry about where to place the food. This allows them to use the available space more efficiently. In addition, thanks to the FreeStore™ a lower temperature is reached and temperature variations in the refrigerator compartment are minimized, slowing down biological processes. As a consequence the healthy qualitites of fresh food will be preserved for longer.

A common problem with regular refrigerators is that odours form and stagnate inside the fridge. The TasteGuard™ filter effectivly reduces odours that can change taste and smell. Tests demonstrate is it the most effective in the market.

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