Electrolux wins Australian award for sustainable design

The Electrolux 2008 refrigeration collection in Australia has won the 2009 Award for Excellence in Sustainable Design in Standards Australia’s International Design Awards.

To acknowledge the increasingly important link between design and the environment, the Australian International Design Awards presented this award to the finalist product that demonstrates the most environmentally-responsible design.

John Gertsakis, Senior Sustainability Consultant at WSP Environmental and one of this year’s judges, said the Electrolux refrigeration collection was a standout example of a product addressing a range of environmental issues through design.

“The collection demonstrates a sophisticated approach to design for sustainability. It shows how you can successfully combine good design with environmental performance and how design can effectively address functionality, aesthetic quality and affordability in a product that potentially has a significant environmental impact,” he said.

All 14 models in the 2008 Electrolux refrigeration collection are designed to be highly energy efficient. They all have a high energy rating and use 49% less energy than 10-year-old models of equivalent capacity. All models use Isobutane, a non-synthetic refrigerant with a shorter life in the atmosphere and feature low-wattage defrost systems, vacuum paneling and high efficiency compressors.

The judges were also impressed by the Electrolux commitment to product stewardship with a take-back service for previously owned fridges, product packaging recycling and product life expectancy of 20 years or more.

Stephanie Watson, Program Director of the Australian International Design Awards, said: “With up to 80% of a product’s environmental impact locked in at the design stage, designers are in a strong position to encourage environmentally-responsible actions. We believe it is important to recognize those designers and companies who are making practical design decisions that influence a product’s environmental impact in a positive way.”

A division of Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards covers eight industry categories – Consumer, Business & Technology, Sport & Leisure, Architectural & Interior Products, Automotive & Transport, Medical & Scientific, Heavy Machinery and Housing & Building. Entry is open to products designed in Australia or overseas, but available for sale in Australia.

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