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Live Big in a Small Space

Electrolux presents clever solutions for compact city living. Single households are the new trend in Europe. Increased divorce rates, young high-earners leaving home at an earlier age, and an ageing population result in single households representing nearly 30% of all households in Europe – with the majority living in the cities.

Dinner explorer makes you a star in the kitchen

Electrolux launches interactive party tool. Two thirds of Europeans (67%) entertain at home at least once a month and when they do, they want to impress their guests according to a recent survey by Electrolux.

Putting up with noise pollution

One in ten Europeans says that noisy domestic appliances are a problem. Only one in four seriously considered the noise factor when purchasing an appliance. A new AEG-Electrolux report is one of the most comprehensive surveys about noise ever undertaken in Europe.

Electrolux searching for 90 “Kitchen Stars”

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, 2009, global household appliance maker Electrolux is looking to identify 90 Electrolux kitchen owners across Europe – all with a special story to tell about when they felt like a star in their kitchen. The 90 Electrolux Kitchen Stars will be featured in a photo exhibition, an online gallery and a book.

Home of the future: ten safe bets

How will we be cooking, cleaning and washing in the future? Senior Industrial Designer Adam Szczepanowski gives an insight at the Grand Designs Live Home of the Future Seminar in the UK. Electrolux Senior Industrial Designer Adam Szczepanowski was a key speaker at the Grand Designs Live Home of the Future Seminar in London, UK.

Electrolux launches climate strategy

To create greater focus on our most energy-efficient appliances worldwide, Electrolux is launching a series of green product ranges.

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