Live Big in a Small Space

Electrolux presents clever solutions for compact city living. Single households are the new trend in Europe. Increased divorce rates, young high-earners leaving home at an earlier age, and an ageing population result in single households representing nearly 30% of all households in Europe – with the majority living in the cities.

To accommodate the needs of this group of urban professionals with limited living space, Electrolux presents a range of compact appliances for city flats.

Dishwashers – half the size
The Electrolux compact dishwashers are half the size of a standard dishwasher and can wash up to six place settings. Class A for both energy and cleaning, they are available as Free Standing and fully integrated Built-in versions. Freestanding models come in white or silver and are small enough to sit on the kitchen worktop or even in a cupboard. The Built-in dishwashers can be installed behind any kitchen furniture door – and if you have enough space, why not consider getting two. That gives you the ultimate flexibility for small or big needs. Don’t forget that dishwashers use significantly less water, energy and detergent than doing the dishes by hand!

Washing machines  – all you need is 0.25m2
Electrolux has a range of compact front or top loaded washing machines depending upon the needs and space available. The smallest model is a front loaded machine that can take up to 3 kg of wash, the equivalent of 15 shirts or two bed sets. Thanks to its tiny dimensions, you can easily fit it into the bathroom; all you need is a space of 0.25m2. It can even fit under the sink! If the needs are larger, a 6kg top loader, only 40 cm wide, might be the solution.

Tumble dryer
The Electrolux wall-mounted tumble drier is unique in the market place. A condense drier, all you need to do is plug it in (compared to a vented model which requires plumbing for the air outlet). You can also put it on top of your washing machine.

Size matters
“We believe that smaller households should not have to compromise on comfort” says Filip Francke, Head of Dish Care, Electrolux. Franke continues, “We know that there are a lot of people who think size matters – but we want to show them that it doesn’t! Even a small flat can fit great appliances. Our new compact range allows our consumers to live big in a small space”.

The Electrolux compact range includes:
• Front loaded compact washing machine: 495x515x670mm (EWC1350)
• Top loaded compact washing machine: 400x600x900mm (EWT13730W)
• Slim compact washing machine: 640x540x900mm (EWS12710S)
• Compact tumble drier: 420x595x686mm (EDC 3150 or EDC 3250)
• Free Standing compact dishwasher (Daily4Two): 447x545x480mm (ESF 2420(S) or ESF 2440(S))
• Built-in compact dishwasher: 447x545x494mm (ESL2435)

For more information, please contact: Electrolux Press hotline: +46 8 657 65 07 or

*“Urban and Single”, NXT, 2006.