Dinner explorer makes you a star in the kitchen

Electrolux launches interactive party tool

Two thirds of Europeans (67%) entertain at home at least once a month and when they do, they want to impress their guests according to a recent survey by Electrolux.
They compare preparing a meal with a theatrical performance where they want the food to have a WOW effect and more than half (55%), confess they use their culinary skills to impress a potential partner.

However, the research also reveals that many people feel nervous about entertaining with nearly a third (31%) of respondents saying they have experienced loss of sleep before they had to entertain/cook for others. This is particularly true for Brits where nearly half (43%) admit they have put off entertaining at home because it was too much effort.

To help consumers create a dinner experience with a WOW factor, Electrolux launches an interactive party tool. The Electrolux Dinner Explorer is an interactive cookbook that goes beyond recipes. A pan-European web tool, it allows consumers to be explorative and bold when entertaining at home – providing guidance on what to cook, how to decorate the table, what music to play, and what drinks to serve. Dinner Explorer will even provide you with a complete shopping list!

“With the tips, ideas and recipes, we have collected on Dinner Explorer, we hope to give people the inspiration in combination with the best possible preparation to become confident hosts, noted Vendela Hägge, Brand and Marketing Manager, at Electrolux. Hägge continues, “Whether you’re thinking about going vegetarian or just want to cut back on meat, National Vegetarian Week is an ideal time to eat healthy.  Dinner Explorer will give you everything from delicious recipes dedicated to fruits and veggies to suggested party music like “I don’t eat meat” by Offspring”.

The Dinner Explorer consists of 52 themes such as Harvest Moon, Mardi Gras and of course National Vegetarian Week. For each theme there will be inspirational recipes for food and drinks as well as music and activities.

Dinner Explorer is availiable at: www.dinnerexplorer.com

For further information, please contact Electrolux Press Hotline: +46 8 657 65 07 or press@electrolux.com